Local Development Plan

The Local Development Plan (LDP) for Newport will guide planning and development in Newport to 2026.

It will replace the existing Unitary Development Plan which covers the period 1996 - 2011 and is to be prepared over a four year period.

Key stages

Find out more about the LDP and its key stages by following the links below:

Read about the stages of the LDP

1. Vision and Objectives

2. Strategic Options

3. Criteria for candidate sites

4. Candidate Sites(and Major Candidate Sites)

5. Preferred Strategy

6. Deposit Local Development Plan

7. Previous Alternative Sites Stage

8. Revised Deposit LDP

9. Alternative Sites – Revised LDP Stage

10. Submission

11. Focussed Changes February 2014

12. Public Examination April – May 2014

13. Matters Arising Changes June 2014

14. Matters Arising Changes September – November 2014

15. Inspector's Report

LDP Assessments

It is a mandatory requirement that the LDevelopment Plan is examined in terms of its sustainability and its effect on species and habitats of nature conservation importance.

A Sustainability Appraisal (SA), Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA)are being undertaken as part of the LDP process.

Further information

Contact Planning Policy with enquiries about the Local Development Plan.

Read about the selection of gypsy and traveller sites for the LDP on the Scrutiny Review pages.