You must receive written consent from the local planning authority (Newport City Council) before starting any work that affects a tree which is:

Download the council's Tree policy (pdf) for guidance and advice. 

Apply for consent for tree works 

When the council receives all the information needed your application will be acknowledged and a decision date will be given.

For trees in a conservation area, either written consent must be received or a period of 42 days must pass, based on the date provided on the council’s acknowledgement letter, before works to a tree can be carried out.

Contact us to report a fallen tree

Overhanging trees can be cut back as far as the common boundary, but you must not enter a neighbouring property and must not alter the height of trees on a neighbour's property.

No property or person has a ‘right to light’ or a ‘right to view’ and the council will not cut trees obscuring light or view to someone’s property.

There is no rule about the ultimate height of trees although the council will investigate if the tree is on council land.

Trees in private properties may be cut down or pruned at the owner's discretion as long as the tree is not subject to a Tree Preservation Order. 

Protected trees which are dangerous may be felled without first obtaining written permission from the council.

Owners should give at least five days notice of the intention to fell a dead or dangerous tree to give the council the opportunity to inspect and confirm the need for action.

In an emergency telephone (01633) 656656 and ask for the woodland officer.

The council could prosecute an owner if it considers action has been taken without good reason, the onus of proof remains with the owner. 

When a dead or dangerous tree has been felled the owner is required to plant a new tree in the same place unless the council agrees that it is not necessary.

Further advice

Always check that any contractor you use to carry out work on trees is fully insured against third party risks.

If work is carried out on trees without the necessary consents, any enforcement action will be taken against you as the landowner.

This information covers only the basic legislation and procedures relating to the preservation of trees.

If in doubt, seek qualified advice or contact Newport City Council and ask for the tree officer.