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Current consultations  

Southern Distributor Road (SDR) user survey

27 March - 1 May 2017

Newport City Council is responsible for routine maintenance and Morgan Vinci Ltd is responsible for major maintenance of the SDR, please share your views to help us to assess our performance.

Recent consultations 

School admissions policy 2018-2019

Closed 1 March 2017

The council consulted on proposed changes to school admission arrangements effective from September 2018.  

Pavement cafe policy

Closed 28 February 2017

Comments were welcomed on the draft policy on the provision of pavement cafes in the city

Pill community safety survey

Closed 3 February 2017

Residents and people who work in Pill were asked to share views to help to reduce crime, fear of crime and anti-social behaviour in the area.  

Draft Welsh language strategy

Closed 31 January 2017

The council asked for comments on its draft five year Welsh language strategy for Newport. 

Newport City Council budget consultation

Closed 20 January 2017

People were asked to share comments on the council's budget proposals for 2017 - 2018

Pillgwenlly public space protection order (PSPO)

Closed 15 January 2017

The council welcomed comments on the proposed Pillgwenlly PSPO

Malpas Church in Wales school

Closed 15 January 2017

Joint proposal to amalgamate Malpas Church in Wales Infant School and Malpas Church in Wales Junior School

Jubilee Park primary school

Closed 2 January 2017

The proposal to establish a new primary school on the Jubilee Park housing development

Environmental permit

Closed 7 December 2016

A public consultation on an application to operate two biomass boilers.

Council tax proposal for empty homes

Closed 31 October 2016

The Housing (Wales) Act 2014 gives the council discretionary powers to charge extra council tax on long-term empty dwellings.

Childcare sufficiency survey

Closed 31 October 2016

This annual consultation helps shape the planning and development of childcare in Newport. 

Well-being of Future Generations

Newport residents were invited to take part in this survey aimed at improving the economic,social, environmental andcultural wellbeing of Wales and Newport. 

Duffryn school amalgamation

Closed 16 October 2016 

Newport City Council consulted on the proposal to amalgamate Duffryn infant school and Duffryn junior school.

Milton school amalgamation

Closed 16 October 2016

Newport City Council consulted on the proposal to amalgamate Milton infant school and Milton junior school.

Draft supplementary planning guidance

Closed 30 September 2016

The council consulted on draft Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) documents, prepared to supplement policies in the Adopted Local Development Plan.

Taxi licensing policy

Closed 19 September 2016  

This review of the council's taxi licensing policy is aimed at ensuring continued access to a reliable, safe, modern taxi fleet. 

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