Cludiant i'r ysgol

Since September 2015 New Adventure Travel (NAT), rather than Newport Bus, has transported pupils to:  

  • Bassaleg school
  • Duffryn High school
  • Lliswerry High school  
  • St Josephs RC High school

NAT provides bus services to these schools for season ticket holders and fare paying passengers.

See the New Adventure Travel Group site for timetables. 

Mytravelpass: discounted bus travel for 16-18 year olds


Free home to school transport is provided to primary aged pupils who live 2 miles or more from their catchment or nearest available school and to secondary aged pupils who live 3 miles or more from their catchment or nearest available school, including Welsh-medium and faith schools.

The Learner Travel (Wales) Measure states that a child is eligible for free home to school transport to an alternative school if this is nearer than the catchment school and provided that the qualifying distance is met.

Each school has a designated catchment area but under the council’s school admissions policy, parents can express a preference for any school they want their child to attend.

If you choose to send your child to a school that is not your catchment school, you will be responsible for all transport costs and arrangements.

If an application to your preferred school is unsuccessful, you will only be eligible for transport assistance if your child attends either the catchment school as an alternative or the next nearest available school, as decided by the council's school admissions team, and if the distance criterion is met.

If you choose an alternative that is not your catchment school or the nearest available school, you will be responsible for all transport costs and arrangements.

Read about changes to school transport fees (May 2014)


A new application must be made each academic year, do not assume that a new application will be successful simply because a child already has free transport. 

A child may no longer be eligible for free home to school transport if there is a change of school, change of home address or if the council identifies a shorter available walking route within the distance criteria limit. 

Contact the council's passenger transport unit immediately if a child's home address changes as this could affect an entitlement to transport assistance.

Concessionary seats applications for academic year 2016 - 2017 will be available from 19 September 2016. 

Download the application for free school travel 2015/2016 (pdf)

Download the application for free school travel 2016/2017 (pdf)

Disabilities and special educational needs

Free contract transport is arranged for pupils with Statements of Special Educational Needs if the SEN service has agreed that it is needed. 

The service is generally provided for children who attend either special schools or a unit/resource base provision attached to mainstream schools, other than their local schools.

Read about the decision process

Post 16 pupils

The council does not have a statutory obligation to provide transport for post-16 students.

However, if post-16 students qualify for home to school transport assistance under the agreed distance criteria, they are eligible to receive a discretionary travel grant of £150 per academic year towards the actual cost of their travel to and from school.

The travel grant can be used for whatever transport best suits their needs. 

If using the local bus service, tickets (daily, weekly, termly, annually) can be purchased directly from the local bus provider. 

Download the Post-16 school transport application 2016/2017 (pdf)

Download the School transport application form 2015/2016 (pdf)

Download the College transport application form 2016/2017 (pdf)