This page explains what help is available for homeless people in Newport.

Newport City Council has a duty by law to assist people who claim they are homeless or who are likely to become homeless within 28 days.

The council is responsible for the assessment of homeless people who apply for help or who are threatened with homelessness, whether the applicant has a priority need and whether homelessness came about as a result of a deliberate act and is therefore intentional.

Priority need

People are in priority need if they are pregnant, have parental control of children for the majority of time or are vulnerable because of a special reason, or homeless as a result of leaving prison or the armed forces.

A connection to Newport may be required.

Local services

Newport Night Shelter (opens new website) provides a warm meal and a friendly as well as providing emergency accommodation to keep people off the cold street.


During office hours, contact Re-housing services at Newport Information Station