Bus Pass - Over 60s

Newport City Council manages the All Wales Concessionary Bus Pass scheme for Newport residents and for residents of Monmouthshire on behalf of Monmouthshire County Council.

Newport and Monmouthshire residents can apply online for an over 60’s bus pass.

Apply for an over 60s bus pass

Newport residents can also print the council application form (pdf) complete it at home and return it with a passport approved photograph and proof of age and address.

Bus passes are issued within 10 – 14 days.

Monmouthshire residents

Residents of Monmouthshire who are aged 60 and over can apply for their bus pass by post using the council application form (pdf) which should be completed and returned to the Information Station.

Lost, stolen or damaged?

Keep your pass in a safe place where it cannot be bent, twisted or damaged.

If lost or damaged, a replacement pass will be issued by the bus pass team at a cost of £5.50.

If your pass has been stolen and you have a crime number there is no charge, please call (01633) 656656 to arrange a replacement.

Apply for a replacement over 60s bus pass

Using your bus pass

You can travel free of charge on almost all local bus services in Wales and, in some cases, to towns just over the border in England.

You are the only person allowed to use your bus pass.

If you allow someone else to use it, your pass could be cancelled and may lead to legal action.

Travel using your bus pass is subject to the normal regulations and conditions of the bus operators concerned.

Your pass does not give you additional rights to other passengers or entitle you to be carried in preference to other passengers.

We accept no liability for the failure of any bus service to operate or of any operator to accept your bus pass for travel.

If your pass is not accepted contact the bus pass team at Newport City Council.