HMO Additional Licensing scheme

Newport City Council is reviewing its HMO (House in Multiple Occupation) Additional Licensing scheme to see if it should be extended for five years from June 2019.

The scheme requires a private rented property to be licenced if there are three or more unrelated people forming more than two households in the same building.

Read about the types of properties requiring a licence

The aim of the additional licensing scheme is to ensure that HMO properties meet legal standards and are properly managed to protect the health, safety and welfare of people living there.

There are two types of HMO licensing in Newport:

  • mandatory licensing requires local authorities to licence larger HMOs with shared facilities comprising three or more storeys with five or more people
  • additional HMO licensing has enabled Newport City Council to licence HMOs which are not covered by mandatory licensing

Benefits of the Additional Licensing Scheme

The council believes the renewal of the Additional HMO Licensing Scheme will:

  • help landlords, tenants and the public by helping to improve housing standards, public health and welfare
  • reduce complaints about poor housing conditions, noise, rubbish, overgrown gardens, rodents and pests
  • eradicate unsuitable landlords, e.g. those with a criminal record or previous poor history as a landlord
  • allow the council to direct resources to deal with the most problematic and highest risk properties
  • improve waste and recycling compliance
  • give landlords guidance about required legal standards
  • give confidence to tenants and encourage take-up of accommodation in licensed HMOs
  • mean regular inspections by council officers of licensed HMOs
  • overall result in better regulated and managed rented housing 


This consultation closed 16 December 2018

Read the Additional Licensing Review and Proposal document (pdf)

TRA92841 23/10/2018