Trade waste

Workplace recycling is changing

From 6 April 2024, it will become law for all businesses, charities, and public sector organisations to sort their waste for recycling.

Paper and card, glass, plastics, cartons and metals, and food will all need to be separated for collection.

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Businesses have a duty of care under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 (Section 34) to store, transport and safely dispose of any waste. 

Read about waste and your duty of care

Ask about a trade waste collection

Request a trade waste special collection

Duty of care form

Trade waste cancellation form

Purchase trade waste sacks 

Trade Waste prices

Newport City Council has reviewed its Trade Waste prices (pdf) for 2023-24. 

The new prices will come into effect from 1st April 2023. 

Your responsibilities 

Businesses that generate waste must have a trade waste contract with a registered waste carrier.

Failure to do this could result in enforcement action being taken. 

It is your legal duty to make sure your waste goes to a licensed site and you are responsible for making sure that the company that removes your waste is registered.

Waste carriers carry a certificate of registration from the Environment Agency and you should keep a copy of this.

You also need to transfer your waste to a licensed site through a carrier using Waste Transfer Notes, documentation that you must complete and that is transported with the waste.

With a regular collection you may only need to do this once a year, your carrier will advise and help you.

You need to make sure that the place to which your waste is sent is licensed by the Environment Agency to accept it - the carrier should be able to supply you with a copy of the licence.

Make sure you see the licence schedule which states what type of waste the site is licensed to take: it is your duty under the law to make sure that your waste goes to a site licensed to take it.


Contact Newport City Council for further details.