What we collect

We collect your food waste and dry recycling every week.

We collect your nappy and hygiene waste every two weeks, if you’ve registered for this service.

We collect your garden waste every three weeks, between March and November.

We collect your non-recyclable waste every three weeks.

(Three-weekly collections of garden and non-recyclable waste for phase one households will start from Monday 19 June. For all other households, it will start from autumn 2023).

Check your collection day

Apply for nappy and hygiene waste collections

Check Wastesavers’ A-Z of recycling in Newport to find out what you can and can’t recycle from home.

Wastesavers’ A – Z of recycling in Newport

If you produce more recycling than you can fit in your existing recycling containers, or yours are broken or have gone missing, you may order more.

Request bags, bins, boxes and caddies

The standard bin size for homes with four or fewer people is a 120-litre bin.

If you have five or more people living in your home – and feel you’re recycling all you can but still need more space for your non-recyclable waste – you may contact us to apply for a larger bin.

Apply for a larger bin for your non-recyclable waste

If you produce more non-recyclable waste than you can fit in your bin for us to collect every three weeks, you may take this extra waste to our household waste recycling centre, free of charge.

Book a visit to our household waste recycling centre

Book a bulky household item collection

If you need to get rid of any small household batteries, you may take them to one of the following outlets:

  • Bettws library
  • Caerleon library
  • Central library
  • Malpas library
  • Pillgwenlly library
  • Ringland library
  • Rogerstone library
  • Wastesavers Reuse Centre (138-142 Chepstow Road)

Contact a member of our dedicated engagement and enforcement team, to get advice and guidance to help you recycle more effectively.

Contact our engagement and enforcement team

We all have a responsibility to sort our waste and put it into the relevant containers, ready for us to collect it from you so that it can be recycled.

Under Section 46 of the Environmental Protection Act (1990), we may issue fines in certain circumstances where residents breach our household waste and recycling collection guidance.

Read our household waste and recycling collection guidance