Changes to waste collections

Household and garden waste collections have moved to three weekly pickups throughout Newport. 

We spend more than 2.2 million to dispose of non-recyclable waste every year. New data shows that almost 40 per cent of it could have been recycled at home.

The Welsh government has set targets for Welsh councils to recycle 70 per cent of household waste by 2025. Recycling rates in Newport have improved significantly over the last 15 years, but current rates would see us facing potential fines. 

Based on our current recycling performance, we could be fined more than £500,000 for every year we fail to meet this target.

If you sort your waste and recycle all you can using our separate recycling collections every week, you’ll have less leftover rubbish to put in your bin for non-recyclable waste.

Keeping Newport tidy

We all have a responsibility to sort our waste into the relevant containers, ready for it to be collected and recycled.

Under Section 46 of the Environmental Protection Act (1990), we may issue fines in certain circumstances where residents breach our household waste and recycling collection guidance.