Traffic management

Signs and road markings

Traffic signs and road markings have to conform to regulations set by the Secretary of State for Transport. 

The following signs, for example, are not permitted on roads:

  • slow down
  • children playing
  • no ball games
  • turning area – no parking
  • concealed access or entrance

Report worn or damaged road markings

Visibility mirrors

Newport City Council does not provide visibility mirrors within the highway for a number of road safety reasons. 

Traffic Regulation Orders  

A Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) is required for measures that restrict traffic or parking in some way, either for safety, to improve accessibility, to prevent damage or to maintain the local environment, e.g. double yellow lines. 

TROs can be temporary, permanent or experimental. 

Even when a permanent TRO is judged to be justified, the proposal will be advertised and consulted on, so there is no guaranteed result. 

View traffic regulation order notices

Read about planning an event where local roads may need to be restricted or closed.

As the enforcing authority, any road traffic offences on the highway should be reported to Gwent Police.   

Ask about a new traffic regulation order

Weight limits 

A structural weight limit is imposed if we believe there is danger of damage to the highway if, following a structural assessment, it is used by a vehicle above a certain weight. 

Environmental weight limits can be considered if the presence of HGVs is considered to be hazardous or where many HGVs use a particular stretch of road where more suitable and practical alternative routes exist. 

Environmental weight limits cannot be used to deny access to vehicles if there is no reasonable alternative route to a premises.  

A TRO (see above) must be used to introduce a weight limit.   

Speed limits 

Speed limits are agreed following an assessment against standards and criteria issued by the Welsh Government to ensure that a speed limit will have a positive effect on traffic speed.

A number of surveys have to be carried out and a TRO (see above) is required.

Within a built-up area with street lighting, the speed limit is 20mph unless signs indicate otherwise.    


No-one has a right to park on the road directly outside their home.

As more of us own cars, there is often more demand for on-street parking than can be met. 

Access protection markings

These are advisory markings which highlight driveways on roads where there is a lot of on-street parking and where access is often obstructed. 

They cannot be used to reserve kerbside parking space.  

There is a charge of £286 for the installation of an access protection marking, which must be paid in advance.   

Request access protection markings

If we find that access protection markings are justified and can be provided at the requested address, you will be invoiced for £286. 

Please apply only if you are committed and able to pay the fee.  

Turning areas

We do not install yellow lines in turning circles unless there are exceptional circumstances or as part of a wider parking management scheme.  

If a parked vehicle is obstructing other road users you should contact Gwent Police. 

Read about resident parking permits and areas


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