Active travel



Active travel is about getting from A to B by walking or cycling, it’s about ditching the car or bus where you can, to make those short journeys either by bike or on foot.

Why is active travel important?

Active travel is about connecting people with their communities.

We want people to be proud of where they are from, and feel safe walking or cycling around their local neighbourhoods.

It’s also about looking after our environment.

Every journey you make either on foot or on a bike will reduce our carbon footprint, which will help improve the city’s air quality, and protect the environment and the planet for future generations.

Active travel is an easy way to build exercise into your day, which will help your mental and physical health.

What Newport City Council is doing

We want to make active travel options the first choice for Newport residents and are developing new active travel routes and schemes across the city.

We’re also working hard to upgrade our existing routes, and link in with local groups and communities to promote these.

Take a look at our case studies to see some of the work we have been doing to improve active travel options.

Active travel maps

Councils in Wales have to produce active travel maps to identify existing suitable routes for walkers and cyclists and suggest other potential routes that would help create an integrated network of active travel routes in Newport.

View our active travel maps


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