About the council

Newport City Council is a single tier unitary authority responsible for the administration of all areas of local government. 

The council was formed as a county borough in 1996 and was granted city status in 2002.

It is the eighth largest council in Wales and provides all major services such as education, leisure, housing, social services, planning and highways.

Location of the Civic Centre, Newport


Following the local elections on 5 May 2022, there are 51 councillors - 35 Labour, seven Conservative, four Independents, three Newport Independent Party, one Liberal Democrat and one Green Party.

The Mayor of Newport is elected by order of seniority and holds office for a year while the Leader of the Council is elected annually by the majority group of council members. 

The Leader’s role includes the role of Chair of Cabinet.

The councillor seniority list (pdf) shows how long councillors have served. 

Councillor annual reports 

As part of the Welsh Government’s 2011 Local Government (Wales) Measure, local authorities are required to provide council members with the opportunity to share their activities during the past municipal year.

Where a council member has decided to do this, annual reports are displayed on the councillor profile page. 

Council business

Newport City Council employs approximately 6454 people (5120 full time equivalent) and has an annual revenue budget of around £300 million.

The council’s chief executive and strategic directors oversee the delivery of services.

The annual report and accounts show the financial performance for all activities undertaken by Newport City Council.

Find details of future council meetings and performance, including the improvement plan, corporate plan and well-being objectives.