Council tax applies to residents and owners of domestic dwellings and those classed as a liable person.

Council tax contributes about 23% of Newport City Council’s income. It helps to fund services across the city.

The other 77% of the council’s income is from government grants and other charges.

The council collects tax on behalf of:

  • Police and Crime Commissioner for Gwent
  • several community councils

Your bill will show how much goes to each of these, and how much is for the council.

Valuation bands

How much you pay depends on the valuation band your home is in. The lower the band, the less you are charged. 

There are nine bands in total. 

The actual amount you pay is set in March of each year. 

View the council tax bands in Wales on the GOV.UK website.

You can use the Valuation Office Agency website to search for up-to-date valuation bands of any listed property.

To challenge your valuation band, please visit GOV.UK

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If you are already registered for council tax, please have your council tax account reference to hand before starting the form - it is an eight digit number and begins with a three.

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