Order bins and bags

If you produce more recycling than you can fit in your existing recycling containers, or yours are broken or have gone missing, please click on the link below to order more. 

Request bins, bags, boxes and caddies 

You may collect food waste bags from the following locations:

  • Central Library
  • Malpas Library
  • Ringland Library
  • Rogerstone Library
  • St Julians Library
  • Tredegar House Library
  • Maindee Library 
  • Hatherleigh Community Centre
  • Maesglas Community Centre
  • Ringland Community Centre
  • Rivermead Community Centre
  • Caerleon Town Hall
  • Civic Centre Main Reception
  • Wastesavers Reuse shop in Maindee
  • Wastesavers Reuse shop in Maesglas

Nappy and hygiene waste collections

We collect a range of items as part of our free nappy and hygiene waste collections service, which includes nappies, nappy bags, wipes and cotton wool, as well as incontinence products.

We also collect empty colostomy bags, non-infectious stoma bags, and catheters, as part of this service. We collect this waste every two weeks from homes that register for this collections service. 

Apply for nappy and hygiene waste collections

Larger bins for non-recyclable waste

If you still have non-recyclable waste collected fortnightly and you have six or more people living in your home – and feel you’re recycling all you can but still need more space for your non-recyclable waste – you may apply for a larger bin.

If you already have non-recyclable waste collected every three weeks, you can apply for a larger bin if there are five or more permanent residents in your home.

Apply for a larger bin