Environment and climate change

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Climate change is one of the defining global challenges of our generation.

We are working to reduce our carbon emissions, and make Newport a cleaner, greener place to live and work.

Chat with our climate change team

Ever wondered what your carbon footprint is? Or the carbon footprint of bananas? Or even what a carbon footprint is?

Our climate change team will be popping into libraries across the city over the next few months to answer any questions you might have about climate change, and share tips for how you can reduce your own carbon footprint.


Tuesday 30th - Caerleon Library, 2pm-5pm 


Tuesday 6th - Central Library, 1pm-3pm 

Tuesday 13th - St Julian’s Library, 1pm-4pm 

Tuesday 20th - Bettws Library,  10am-12.30pm


Tuesday 12th - Malpas Library, 10am-12.30pm

Tuesday 19th - Pillgwenlly Library, 9.30am-12.30pm


Tuesday 2nd - Central Library, 1pm-3pm

Climate and ecological emergency

The council passed a motion in November 2021 declaring a climate and ecological emergency.

The motion read as follows.

Newport City Council resolves to:

  • Declare an ecological and climate emergency.
  • Newport City Council will continue the good work that we have started and reduce our carbon emissions to net zero carbon by 2030.
  • Review the services we provide to ensure they support the city’s journey to both net zero carbon and adapting to the impacts of climate change by 2050.
  • Develop a clear Climate Change Organisational plan, in consultation with our citizens, for the next five years that will set out the actions we need to take to achieve this.
  • Develop a city-wide Local Area Energy Plan, in collaboration with experts from the public, private and third sector to develop innovative solutions to decarbonise heat, electricity and local transport and realise local renewable energy production.
  • Work with One Newport partners and the public to develop a city-wide climate strategy to enable city-wide net zero carbon and adaptation to climate change by 2050 and integrate best ecological practice into each area of the council’s activity, allowing us to lead the city by example.
  • Publicise this declaration of an ecological and climate emergency to residents and businesses in Newport and support and influence action by partners through partnerships and support and enable action by citizens to reduce their own carbon emissions.

Climate Change Plan

Local Area Energy Plan

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