Sustainable travel

For most of us, the way we travel around the city leaves a trail of noise and air pollution as well as carbon emissions.

This affects the environment and has consequences for all of us.

To avoid catastrophic climate change we must reduce our carbon footprint

Air quality - air pollution contributes to a range of life threatening illnesses affecting children and adults and causes thousands of premature deaths every year.

Most air pollution comes from road traffic, read more about air quality in Newport.   

Carbon dioxide - carbon dioxide emissions and other greenhouse gases are driving huge changes in our climate.

To avoid catastrophic climate change we must reduce our carbon footprint.

In the UK, approximately 27% of carbon dioxide comes from road transport.

Noise - we have become used to a level of road traffic noise in urban areas which contributes to a range of illnesses. 

Visit the Go Ultra Low website for information about electric vehicles.  

Sustainable Travel Strategy

The council's Sustainable Travel Strategy (pdf) is based on a number of topics with actions under each. 

Share your comments and ideas

To help inform the next stage we need your help to adapt the way we all travel and think about the pollution caused by the way we travel.

Please download and complete our Sustainable Travel Strategy discussion template (pdf) 

TRA114020 13/01/2020