Some of our partners offer a range of support and advice. 

This tops up pension income. You might be eligible even if you own your own home or have savings.

People who claim pension credit may also be able to get:

  • additional cost of living payments
  • help with heating costs
  • help with rent and council tax
  • free TV licence if ages 75 or older
  • help with the cost of NHS services

You can see if you qualify by visiting pension credit or by calling 0800 99 1234.

If you are unsure about what benefits you can claim, Advicelink Cymru can help you check and claim what’s yours. 

Get in touch with one of the advisors today by calling the free helpline on 0808 250 5700.

Benefit advice is available through citizens advice.

The Turn2us website also helps people in financial need gain access to:

  • welfare benefits
  • charitable grants
  • other financial help

You can also use EntitledTo to check your benefit entitlements.

You could automatically receive an extra cost of living payment. 

This if you claim certain benefits. Including tax credits.

Visit Gov.UK for more details.

The discretionary assistance fund provides two types of grants. You do not need to pay back.

Emergency assistance payment (EAP) 

This helps pay for essential costs such as:

  • food
  • gas
  • electricity
  • clothing

The payment is for people who are:

  • experiencing extreme financial hardship
  • unemployed
  • applying benefits and are waiting for their first payment

Individual assistance payment (IAP) 

A grant to help you or someone you care for live independently in their home, or a property that you or they are moving into.

Visit the discretionary assistance fund webpage or call 0800 859 5924.  

Credit unions are non-profit-making money cooperatives.

Newport credit union provides competitive loans and a safe place for savings, specialising in small loans.

Find out more information on Newport credit union webpage.

Smart Money Cymru credit union offers straightforward, affordable financial services.

Visit Smart Money Cymru for more information. 

Warmer Wales is a free comprehensive and impartial service.
It helps people to reduce their energy bills. 

Visit the Warmer Wales website or email [email protected] 

If you are having trouble paying your utility bills, contact your supplier as soon as possible. They can advise what help is available.

Welsh Water also has a range of advice available including the HelpU tariff.
This helps low-income households by putting a cap on the amount you have to pay for your water. 

Find out more by visiting the Welsh Water website. 

The main scheme for supporting energy efficiency improvements. 

This includes insulation and some heating improvements in low income and vulnerable households.

Call the helpline on 0800 444202 (Monday to Friday 8am-8pm; Saturday and Sunday 9am-5pm)

Information and advice on:

  • making your home more energy efficient
  • reducing your carbon emissions
  • lowering your energy bills

Find out more on the energy saving trust website.

Providing advice on the Western Power Distribution priority service register. 

This is by phone and home visits. The register ensures extra help and support during power cuts for:

  • the elderly
  • the very ill
  • disabled people
  • those who rely on power for medical equipment

General enquiries: 0800 096 3080 Monday to Friday 8am-5pm

Offers free energy and water advice for disabled people.

Service is open to any disabled person or household where one or more disabled person lives.

Visit the Scope website or call 0808 801 0828

Free advice, support and referral options tailored to the needs of the household.

Visit the Warm Wales website for more information.

You can call 01656 747622 or email [email protected]

This is for funding for energy efficiency improvements. 

It applies to low income households and those living in deprived communities.

If you’re worried about energy bills, you can speak to an advisor.

They can offer free and impartial advice on:

  • saving energy and water
  • money management
  • checking you are on the best tariff
  • benefit entitlement

Call 0808 808 2244 or request a call back using the Gov.Wales online form.

Provides a free hot meal to those in need at 6.30pm Tuesdays.

The address is:
Community House, Eton Road.

Visit the FoodCycle website or email [email protected]