Discretionary Housing Payment

Anyone claiming housing benefit or receiving help with housing costs through Universal Credit can apply for a Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP).

You may wish to apply for DHP if: 

  • your local housing allowance is lower than your rent in private rented property
  • your housing benefit or Universal Credit is reduced because of non-dependant deductions or housing costs contributions
  • your housing benefit or Universal Credit  is reduced because you are of working age and it has been decided that you have a spare bedroom in social rented property
  • your housing benefit or Universal Credit is reduced due to the benefit cap

A DHP could also be paid to help with a rent deposit or rent in advance for a property you haven't moved into yet as long as you are entitled to housing benefit for your current home.

It could also help with lump sum expenses like removal costs.

A DHP cannot be used to cover an increase in rent due to arrears or to make-up the difference if an overpayment is being recovered from your housing benefit.

It also can't help to cover certain sanctions or reductions in benefit.

Each application for DHP is looked at alongside the council’s Discretionary Housing Payments Policy (pdf)

DHPs are paid from a limited budget and the council cannot help everyone, the DHP policy above explains how applications are assessed to make these difficult decisions.

Read more about DHP on the Shelter Cymru site


For an application form call 01633 656656 or 01633 851578 or email benefits@newport.gov.uk and and ask for one to be sent to you. They are also available from your registered social landlord.

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