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Corporate Plan

Closing date: Friday 23 September 2022

Newport City Council has been developing a new corporate plan that sets out priority areas and a work programme for the next five years. It is based around key themes that we think will make Newport a better place to live and work. Residents are asked for their views and to help shape the future of the city.

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Nature isn't Neat - Green Spaces

Newport City Council is looking for residents’ feedback on how natural areas within the city are managed, as green spaces across Newport are being left to grow during spring and summer months to benefit ecosystems as part of the Nature isn’t Neat project.

All five Gwent councils are committed to managing more green spaces for nature as part of the Nature isn't Neat project, helping to combat the biodiversity and climate crisis. 

The council want to ensure the right balance is found between nature and recreation by hearing residents’ feedback on how the Nature Isn’t Neat approach is being maintained in the local green spaces. By letting us know what you think of the changes, you can show support or highlight areas for us to improve.

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Closed consultations

Newport Religion, Values and Ethics Syllabus

Closed 27 June 2022

Newport Consultation Group are meeting to agree the Newport Religion, Values and Ethics (RVE) Syllabus for September 2022. The meeting gives religious and non-religious groups and teaching staff the opportunity to discuss the draft document and put forward any changes they would like to see.

Read the agenda here

Universal Free School Meals

Closed 20 June 2022

Welsh Government has announced a universal primary free school meals programme to support education attainment and child nutrition alongside local food production and distribution.

It will initially be introduced on a phased roll-out to support the youngest learners from September 2022 and is expected to be fully implemented by Sept 2024.

To ensure that children receive the best possible provision, we are asking parents and carers to complete a questionnaire.



Participation Strategy

Closed 27 March 2022

Under the Local Government and Elections (Wales) Act 2021, local authorities in Wales must publish a Participation Strategy that sets out the ways in which local people are encouraged to participate in decision-making by the council.

We aim to be open and responsive to the needs of citizens and communities. This includes engaging local people in participative processes, by which residents can influence and shape policy and services.

Participation is about sharing decisions with those affected by them and must be an integral part of our work. Participation can include a wide range of different methods and techniques and may be prompted by the council, or by residents.

We are seeking feedback on the council’s priorities for encouraging participation in decision making.

Download the participation strategy (pdf)

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Replacement Local Development Plan – draft vision, issues and objectives 

Closed 25 March 2022

As part of the ongoing work preparing the Replacement Local Development Plan (RLDP), we are now seeking your feedback to help refine the draft vision, issues and objectives to best represent the communities that live in, work in and visit Newport. 

The report sets out what the council believes are the key issues, challenges and opportunities facing Newport and provides a draft vision and objectives for the RLDP. 

You can make a submission and find out further information here.

Sustainable travel consultation – Newport to Cardiff routes

Closed 11 March 2022

Transport for Wales, Welsh Government, Newport City Council and Cardiff Council would like your views on plans to improve sustainable travel options between Newport and Cardiff.

The plans include proposals to improve walking, cycling and bus routes on the A48 between the two cities.

They also include improvements of National Cycle Network Route 88.

The plans take forward key recommendations of the South-East Wales Transport Commission. The commission was tasked by Welsh Government to find sustainable ways to tackle congestion on the M4 corridor in south-east Wales.

The work to implement the recommendations is being led by the Burns Delivery Unit at Transport for Wales, alongside Welsh Government and councils in south-east Wales.

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School admissions policy

Closed 18th February 2022

Newport City Council consulted on proposed changes to the school admission arrangements effective from September 2023.

It is a statutory requirement of the Welsh Government School Admissions Code that the Council (as the admissions authority for all community and voluntary controlled schools in Newport) carry out an annual consultation on the school admission arrangements for the next but one academic year.

View the full consultation document (pdf)

2022 - 2023 budget proposals

Closed 11 February 2022

Newport City Council’s cabinet considered a draft budget for the 2022-23 financial year at its January meeting.

Unlike previous years this budget does not include savings but instead proposes a number of investments in key services which are intended to maintain services for our most vulnerable people, to provide for future generations and to support key city services. 

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Welsh Language Five Year Promotional Strategy

Closed 4 February 2022

We are inviting feedback on our new Welsh Language Five Year Promotional Strategy.

The strategy aims to meet our statutory requirements under Welsh language legislation, but also to support the Welsh Government’s ambitious target for national growth – one million Welsh speakers by 2050 – by setting our own targets, underpinned by actions relevant to Newport.

The long-term aspiration of the council is to increase the number of Welsh speakers in Newport, raise awareness and increase the visibility of the Welsh language across all of our communities.

Download the strategy (PDF)

Control of dogs public space protection order

Closed 31 December 2021

We want your views on our new public space protection order (PSPO). 

The proposed PSPO will cover the issue of the control of dogs on public sites including:

  • dog fouling
  • keeping dogs on leads
  • excluding dogs from specified zones or sites. 

Climate change plan 2022-2027

Closed  31 December

Newport City Council has launched a consultation on our new climate change plan.

The ambitious plan sets out how we will work towards becoming carbon neutral by 2030.

It also sets out how we will use our services to support climate change action across the city.

We have published a draft version of the plan, and residents, businesses and stakeholders can now have their say on our proposals.

We will then consider your feedback before finalising the plan in early 2022.

The plan is centred around six key delivery themes:

  • organisational culture and leadership
  • our buildings
  • our land
  • transport and mobility
  • the goods and services we procure, and
  • our wider role

The consultation will detail our priority actions under each theme and ask for feedback on whether these are what you think we should be doing, as well as asking if you think there is anything we have missed.

Welsh in Education Strategic Plan (2022-2032)

Closed 22 November 2021

As part of the Cymraeg 2050 initiative, the Welsh Government wants to have 1 million Welsh speakers in Wales by 2050

To meet this target the council wants to increase the number of pupils who learn through the medium of Welsh.

The council is currently consulting on a new Welsh in Education Strategic Plan (2022-2032) which, if approved, will come into force in September 2022.

The 10 year plan is ambitious and demonstrates Newport’s commitment to expanding and embedding use of the Welsh language across the city.

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Active Travel Network Map Review

Closed 24 November 2021

Earlier this year we sought your views on how cycling and walking provision in Newport can be improved. We have carefully considered all the comments and combined this public opinion together with other relevant information to produce a draft ATNM.

You had your say on our initial draft map back in May. Now, we’ve taken further feedback on board and produced a final draft map.

The final draft map is available to view on our Commonplace site. You can have your say on proposed routes and fill in short questionnaires on active travel within each ward across the city.

Private landlords survey

Closed 25 September 2021

Newport City Council wants to improve its knowledge and understanding of the private housing rental market in Newport. If you are a private landlord who lets out a property in Newport, complete the questionnaire and have your say.

Draft gambling policy 2022-2025

Closed 31 October 2021

The Council, as the licensing authority, is required to publish a new Statement of Gambling Policy for the borough at least every 3 years under the Gambling Act 2005. The draft policy sets out the principles by which Newport City Council as a Licensing Authority will discharge its functions under the Act.

Digital strategy survey

Closed 30 September 2021

How do you want to see Newport City Council deliver digital services?

How can we improve digital inclusion across Newport?

We would like your views on this.

We’re running a short survey to ask residents how they digitally engage with the council. We also want to know what you think our three top priorities for our next digital strategy should be.

Our digital strategy sets out how we use digital means to deliver your services, from paying council tax online to booking visits to our household waste recycling centre.

City centre public space protection order (PSPO) consultation

Closed 28 August

The council is consulting on the current and future PSPO restrictions for the city centre.

Public space protection orders (PSPOs) are implemented by local authorities to deal with anti-social behaviour (ASB). They are enforced by local authority officers, such as community safety wardens, and the police.

Officers can issue fixed penalty notices to people found to breach the restrictions stipulated in the PSPO.

The consultation seeks views on ASB from residents, charities, businesses and anyone who lives, works or visits the centre of the city.

Right skills survey 

Closed 31 August 2021

As part of our work to support well-being in Newport, we would like to understand the level of interest in undertaking new learning or training in the city and what type of courses and training people are interested in.  The results of the survey will be considered by the One Newport partnership to inform decisions on future provision.

Any information you provide is anonymous and will only be used by members of the Right Skills board and not be shared with other services or organisations.

Replacement Local Development Plan - Call for Candidate Sites

Closed 27 August 2021

As part of the ongoing work preparing the replacement Local Development Plan (RLDP) we are now opening the Call for Candidate Sites.  Candidate Site proposals received within the consultation period will be considered for inclusion within the RLDP.  A Candidate Site Register will then be publicised at the Preferred Strategy stage anticipated in Autumn 2022.  You can find out further information here.

Replacement Local Development Plan – Integrated Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report

Closed 27 August 2021

An Integrated Sustainability Appraisal (ISA) is required as part of the development of the replacement Local Development Plan (RLDP).  The aim of the ISA is to inform and influence the plan-making process with a view to avoiding and mitigating negative impacts and maximising positive outcomes.  The Scoping Report for the ISA has now been drafted and is available. 

You can find out further information here. 

Private renters survey for tenants in Lliswerry, Pillgwenlly, Stow Hill and Victoria wards

Closed 11 July 2021

The council is working with Generation Rent to find out what it is like to rent a home from a private landlord in Newport.


Closed 30 June 2021

#SaferNewport wanted to better understand what makes women and girls feel unsafe in Gwent and what partners can do to increase feelings of safety.

Draft Supplementary Planning Guidance

Closed 1 April 2021

The council has consulted on draft documents which have been prepared to supplement policies in the Adopted Local Development Plan. Read full details.

Pill Public Space Protection Order (PSPO)

Closed 31 March 2021

The council is consulting on proposed PSPO restrictions for Pill.

Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO’s) are implemented by local Authorities to deal with Anti-social Behaviour (ASB). They are enforced by Local Authority Officers such as Community Safety Wardens and the Police. Officers can issue Fixed Penalty Notices to people found to breach the restrictions stipulated in the PSPO.