HMO pre-licence advisory service

If you own or are thinking of purchasing a property for conversion to a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) it is likely to require a licence.

We can offer an advisory service to help you obtain a licence as easily as possible.

For a fee of £262.21 plus VAT we will:

  • inspect the property
  • advise you of the HMO licensing requirements and process
  • help with the application form
  • provide you with a schedule of works and a floor plan for you to consider 

If you are considering two options for the property i.e. a shared house or bedsit accommodation, you will require an additional schedule of work and an additional floor plan as different layouts and facilities will have to be specified. 

For a fee of £327.60 plus VAT we will provide you with two schedules and floor plans.   

If you consider more than two options for the property an additional fee of £65.40 plus VAT for each additional layout proposal will be charged. 

Apply online

Complete the HMO Pre-licence inspection form (pdf)

Complete the HMO Pre-licence inspection form (Word)

We will contact you to make an appointment to inspect the property and you will receive the schedule of works and floor plan within three weeks of the inspection. 

If you decide to go ahead with the HMO you will also need to apply for a HMO licence.

Rental properties whether HMO or single-let have to be registered under the Housing (Wales) Act 2014 through Rent Smart Wales.

Private landlords who undertake letting and management activities, or their managing agents, need to apply for training and a licence from Rent Smart Wales.

Planning and building control regulations

Residential properties which change use to HMO and other conversions will need planning and possibly building regulations approval.

The property owner, or others with control of the property, is responsible for ensuring that all necessary planning or building regulation approvals have been obtained.

The application for a pre-licence HMO inspection does not imply that the required planning permission or building regulations has been complied with or is being applied for.

Newport City Council's planning section will be notified of this request, email [email protected] or [email protected] for further information.