Electric vehicle charge points

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Newport City Council has installed electric vehicle charge points at the following car parks:

Electric vehicle charge points
 Location  Number and type  Charging network 
 Civic Centre   1 dual (Slow)   Pod Point
 Park Square   2 single (Slow)   Pod Point
 Riverfront    1 dual, 1 single (Fast and Rapid)   DragonCharging
 Belle Vue   1 dual, 1 single (Fast and Rapid)  DragonCharging
 Faulkner Road   4 dual (Fast)  DragonCharging
 Maindee  3 dual (Fast)  DragonCharging
 Stow Hill  2 dual (Fast)  DragonCharging
 Mill Parade  2 dual (Fast)  DragonCharging
 Rogerstone  2 dual (Fast)  DragonCharging
 Kingsway  2 dual (Fast)  Franklin LiFe


  • Slow = 6-8 hours approximate charge time
  • Fast = 3-4 hours approximate charge time
  • Rapid = 30 minutes approximate charge time

How do I charge my car?

You will need a compatible plug-to-plug cable which should be supplied with your vehicle. 

Creating an account

Depending on the brand of charger, access to charging is provided by an RFID card or via a website or app where you can set up your account. You can set up your account using the links below:

Visit the DragonCharging website

Visit the PodPoint app or website

Visit the FranklinLiFe app or website 

Using a charge point

Once you have set up your account further information and instructions on how to use the charging points can be found on the website or app you are using. You can also find instruction guides below:

DragonCharging instructions

Podpoint instructions

When the car is fully charged, charging will stop automatically.

Charging can be interrupted or stopped at any time by presenting the RFID card or by providing a command via a smart phone application.

How much does it cost?

For Dragon Charging there is a charge of 25p per kWh plus a connection fee of 95p per charge session.

Payments can be made via the DragonCharging Network website.

When you join the DragonCharging Network you will also have access to the Genie Network with over 400 charge points across the UK.

If you already have a Geniepoint account you can access the DragonChargers using your Geniepoint account or card.

Costs for other charging points can be found on Zap Map.

Parking charges: you will need to pay to park when charging your car in a pay and display car park, please check and pay the tariff shown.

Maintenance and reporting problems

Silverstone Green Energy maintain and operate the chargers that are part of the Dragon Charging Network on behalf of the council.

Use the 24 hour helpline to report any problems with a charge point:

(01834) 474480

Chargers installed in Newport before 2019 are on a different network, please use the helpline numbers below:

PodPoint, 020 7247 4114, email support@pod-point.com

Franklin LiFe, 0345 1230500, email info@franklinenergy.co.uk


Gwent councils have been awarded grant-funding from the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) to cover up to 75% of the costs to install electric vehicle charge points in car parks in residential areas.

Newport City Council has used money from the Welsh Government's Local Transport Fund to match-fund the OLEV chargers and fund additional charging infrastructure. 


For further information email info@newport.gov.uk or call (01633) 656656