Planning an event

ESAG - update on latest Coronavirus (Covid-19) guidance

Newport’s event safety advisory group (Newport ESAG) will follow Covid-19 regulations and guidance issued by the Welsh government to advise on events.

Therefore, as alert levels change and the easing of restrictions continue over the coming months, Newport ESAG will only support an event which strictly adheres to the guidance at the time of the event.

Prior to completing the event notification form and developing your risk assessments, please take note of the latest information about the Covid-19 regulations and guidance which may be found at:

It is recommended this webpage is checked regularly as the Covid-19 regulations and guidance are subject to frequent change. It is advisable to only submit an application if your proposed event complies with the latest regulations.

If you choose to organise an event, please note that advice and arrangements may be subject to change depending on the prevailing incidence levels of Covid-19 and changes to Welsh government guidance and regulations. 

Therefore, all risks will be held by the event organiser. Newport City Council cannot take responsibility for any cost or loss involved with the preparation of an event should it be cancelled.

As an event organiser you may be legally responsible for the safety of everyone attending an event.

How we can help

Newport Event Safety Advisory Group (SAG) is an advisory group whose members include Newport City Council, Gwent Police, South Wales Fire and Rescue and the Welsh Ambulance Service.

The purpose of the group is to provide a single point of contact for event organisers, discuss the public safety issues relating to an event and provide relevant advice.

The group has no legal powers, as an advisory group it cannot give consent or approval for an event to take place but will advise the event organiser on public safety issues which may need to be addressed.

You should contact Newport Event SAG if any of the following apply to your event:  

  • it is held outdoors with large crowds, i.e. public entertainment, large number of vehicle movements, fireworks or bonfire, festivals, celebrity, VIP etc.
  • it is a major sporting event - first time or routine sporting fixtures
  • it is an indoor event with large crowds of a particular type, popular music events, political or religious gatherings
  • it is a city centre event
  • it is a march or parade, cycling or running event
  • it is a street party
  • it is a community fete

SAG notification forms should be submitted at least eight weeks before your event to give the group time to consider the information and provide advice. 

Event Notification Form  

Not sure whether you need to complete a full SAG notification form? Complete the pre-event enquiry form to find out if a full notification form should be completed.

Complete the online event notification form or download and complete a Microsoft Word version.

Event organisers should be aware that certain permissions may be required if, for example, you intend to sell alcohol or provide regulated entertainment or if your event requires road closures.


If an event requires a Premises Licence or Temporary Events Notice contact our licensing team for advice in the early stages of planning. 

Road closures

Some events, e.g. running or cycling events, street parties or food festivals, may require local roads to be closed to traffic.

You will need to make an application for a road closure notice at least eight weeks before the event, there is no charge to apply:

Apply to close a section of road for a community event  

Visit the Street Party site for further information.

Sky lanterns

Sky lanterns, sometimes called Chinese lanterns, may not be launched from land owned by Newport City Council or used at events licensed, sponsored or supported by the council.

The lanterns have potentially devastating consequences for people, buildings and animals and are a fire hazard. 

Bouncy castles and other play inflatables

Serious incidents have occurred where inflatables have collapsed or blown away in windy conditions.

If you are planning to use a bouncy castle or other inflatable play equipment at your event please read HSE guidance on the use of inflatables.

These simple precautions can help you avoid serious incidents.

Requests to light up Civic Centre clock tower

Requests to light up the Civic Centre clock tower to raise awareness of charities or good causes should be made to

We require at least two weeks’ notice before the date of the event, please include brief details of why you would like the tower lit up as well as contact details for yourself or the organisation concerned.

The lighting up will take place in the evenings. We reserve the right to decide the period of the lighting up but, in most circumstances, it will be for one evening or no longer than a week. All requests will be considered and we will let you know if your request has been successful or not.

In general we will not light up a landmark in recognition or support of an individual unless it is considered there are very exceptional circumstances.

Please note: 

Applications can be made every year – granting a request one year does not guarantee acceptance each year and, likewise, a refusal does not necessarily mean it will not be granted in future.

Requests might be refused for a number of reasons. For instance, the clock tower will not be lit up during any pre-election periods. If a request has been granted but then we are unable to light up the tower for any reason, we will inform the person or organisation who made the request.

Counter Terrorism (CT) and Event Preparedness

Each event organiser must have consideration to the ProtectUK as part of their Counter Terrorism preparedness.

Event organisers should consider the event they are organising, identify if there are any specific hazards or attack methodologies that may be relevant to their event and implement relevant mitigation. The guidance helps organisers through this process.

The Gwent Safety Advisory group, working with Police and Counter Terrorism Officers, have produced a guide to help event organisers. Organisers should have consideration to the content of this guide for any events in Newport. 


ACT E-Learning on Counter Terrorism

Event organisers should complete the ACT online training to raise their awareness and preparedness. Its recommend the event organiser, safety officer and any security or stewarding staff have completed this training.


Further information on event safety

The Health and Safety Executive provides guidance on managing events safely and many of their guides are free to download.


Email Newport Event SAG at