Road safety

20mph speed limit zones  

In Newport we use 20mph speed limit zones alongside physical traffic calming measures.

We will only consider a 20mph speed limit zone where it will improve safety and help to reduce injuries and casualties resulting from high traffic speeds.

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Safety cameras

Newport City Council is a member of the Go Safe / Wales Road Casualty Reduction Partnership, which aims to reduce the number of casualties on Welsh roads.   

The partnership is responsible for red light and speed camera enforcement and encourages safe and legal driving through speed awareness courses and campaigns.

We have placed vehicle activated signs at a number of safety camera sites to remind drivers of their speed and help them comply with the speed limit. 

Operation Snap

If you have video or dashcam footage of someone driving while using a phone, jumping a red light or driving dangerously, report it on Operation Snap and help to make our roads safer for everyone. 

School crossing patrols 

Parents are always responsible for making sure that their children travel to and from school safely.

School crossing patrols may be provided to help primary school children where traffic makes it difficult to cross the road.  

Before providing a crossing patrol we will consider whether or not national road safety criteria are met, taking into account pedestrian and vehicle movements. 

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Pedestrian crossings 

When we receive a request for a new pedestrian crossing we consider:

  • the availability of suitable gaps in the flow of traffic 
  • the number of people who may wish to cross the road at that point
  • whether it is possible to construct a crossing 

Priority is given to locations where pedestrians have been injured. 

Request a new pedestrian crossing

Please contact us below to report any faults with existing crossings.   


Email [email protected] or contact Newport City Council.