Deposit Local Development Plan

Newport Local Development Plan 2011 – 2026

Deposit Plan

The Newport Local Development Plan 2011 – 2026 was placed on deposit on Friday 13 April 2012 for a 6 week consultation period.

Working on the representations received and discussing the changes with Welsh Government, the council decided to produce a Revised Deposit Plan.

Please note that when the Local Development Plan is tested at its Examination in 2014 it will be comments on the Revised Deposit Plan that will be considered by the Inspector.

Previous Deposit Plan Stage

This stage in the process provided all interested persons with the opportunity to make representations on the plan according to statutory procedures (pdf)

Representations could include objections and statements of support.

Read the Deposit Plan text (pdf)


View the LDP Proposal Map and Constraints Plan online or follow the links below to download and view a pdf of the plans:

The plan is also available in Newport libraries.

Deposit LDP Representation Register

The consultation process on the Deposit Local Development Plan received over 900 responses.

The representations are available to view in a summary form and in full by following the links below:

Deposit Local Development Plan Representations Register Introduction (pdf)

Summary of Deposit LDP Representations (pdf)

Deposit LDP Representations (pdf)

Where supporting information has been submitted as part of the representation a note has been made in the relevant section.

Hard copies of the Deposit LDP representations can also been seen at  Newport libraries.


The Local Development Plan has been prepared with a Sustainability Appraisal incorporating a Strategic Environmental Assessment and a Habitats Regulations Assessment.

Both these assessments were subject to consultation.

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What happens next?

The Plan’s Delivery Agreement gives further information. The timings shown are currently subject to review.