Community Infrastructure Levy

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a new charging mechanism for securing financial contributions from developers.  

CIL will be used to provide infrastructure necessary to deliver growth across Newport and the council has produced a Draft Infrastructure Plan (pdf) (known as a Regulation 123 List) to identify what infrastructure is needed.   

The council consulted on preliminary draft CIL rates during summer 2015 and in February and March 2016 consulted on a CIL Draft Charging Schedule with the proposed CIL rates.  

The CIL Draft Charging Schedule was examined by an independent planning inspector over summer 2016, view the submission and examination documents below.  

The inspector recommended that the Charging Schedule be approved.  

View the inspector's report on the CIL Charging Schedule (pdf)  

Submission and examination  

The council has submitted its CIL proposals to the Planning Inspectorate for independent examination and the following documents were formally submitted:   

CD1 Submission statement (pdf)  

CD2 Draft Charging Schedule (pdf)  

CD3 Draft Charging Schedule - Report of Consultation (pdf)  

CD4 Newport Draft Infrastructure Development Plan (Reg 123 List) (pdf)  

CD5 Newport CIL Viability Assessment (pdf)  

CD5a Newport Construction Cost Report (pdf)  

CD5b Commercial CIL Retail Scale Appraisals Oct 15 (Excel)  

CD5c Commercial CIL Retail Scale Residual Values Oct 15 (Excel)  

CD5d Newport Commercial Viability Appraisal Oct 15 (Excel)  

CD5e Newport Residential Viability Appraisal Oct 15 (Excel)  

CD5f Newport Residential Viability Appraisal Oct 15 Additional Scale Tests (Excel)  

CD5g Newport Residual Land Value Appraisal Oct 15 (Excel)  

CD6 Newport Full Council CIL Report (pdf)  

Representations received - Draft Charging Schedule  

R1 Network Rail (pdf)  

R2 Newport Council Family Information Coordinator (pdf)  

R3 WYG on behalf of Sainsburys Supermarket (pdf)  

Supporting documents  

SD1 Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule and Viability Assessment (pdf)  

SD2 Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule - Report of Consultation (pdf)  

Next steps  

A planning inspector has recommended that the CIL Charging Schedule is approved. 

The council is further considering this recommendation and is waiting for the publication of the UK Government’s expected changes to the CIL process. 

A decision on the council’s approach to CIL will be made later in the year. 

The council will continue to seek all developer contributions through Section 106 until further notice.


If you have any questions about CIL please contact Newport City Council and ask for the planning policy team.