On 27 January 2015 the Full Council formally adopted the Local Development Plan (LDP) and endorsed:

The LDP is now the development plan for Newport and is the basis for land use planning within the council’s administrative area.

The Newport Unitary Development Plan (UDP) has therefore been superseded by the Adopted LDP.

Download the Notice of Adoption (pdf) and the Adoption Statement (pdf)

The Adopted LDP (pdf) / Cynllun Mabwysiedig (pdf) incorporates the Focussed Changes, Matters Arising Changes and the Inspector’s changes.

Download the Proposals Maps (pdf) and Constraints Maps (pdf)  

The LDP and associated documents may be purchased using the online order form, or by completing and returning the LDP order form (pdf)

Further information

Ask for the Planning Policy team at Newport City Council or email [email protected] with general enquiries about the Local Development Plan.