Revised Deposit Plan

Local Development Plan

Revised Deposit Plan

Newport City Council has produced a Revised Deposit Local Development Plan (LDP) to replace the deposit Plan that was produced in 2012 to ensure that the LDP is robust and responds to representations received to date.

Additional evidence on housing need, population growth, and employment land needs has been required.

Download the Revised Deposit LDP (pdf)

Cynllun Ar Adnau Diwygiedig - Cyflwynaid A Throsolwg

Download the Proposals Plan (pdf)

Download the Constraints Plan (pdf)

Download the Revised Deposit Plan Register of Representations (pdf)

Please note: comments made in relation to the Deposit Plan (April 2012) will not automatically be sent to the Inspector for examination. Only those comments sent during the consultation period for the Revised Deposit Plan will be sent to the Inspector for examination.

Gypsy and traveller sites

After the May 2012 local government elections, the new administration pledged to review the gypsy and traveller sites contained in the deposit LDP to ensure the sites were identified in a transparent way and subject to public consultation.

The work was undertaken by one of the council’s Scrutiny Committees and the Overview and Scrutiny Committee review exercise of potential locations for gypsy and traveller sites was reported to Full Council on 4 June 2013 along with the rest of the Revised Deposit Plan.

Related documents

Download the associated List of Background Papers (pdf) and Initial Consultation Report (pdf)

The associated Sustainability Appraisal and Habitat Regulations Assessment are also available for consultation.

You may also purchase the documents using this order form 

All information can also be viewed in the council’s libraries and the Civic Centre.

Next steps

The council will advertise alternative sites that are submitted under the Revised Deposit Plan and if necessary ‘Focused Changes’ to the Plan will be provided before the Plan is submitted to the Welsh Government for examination later this year.