Step 2: Costs

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When budgeting for your ceremony, you should remember that costs vary depending on the day of the week, the type of ceremony and the venue.

All fees are subject to an annual increase and as an example, this is how the total cost of a marriage or civil partnership ceremony at the Mansion House in 2021 would be calculated.

As an example...

Susan and John contacted the registration team here in Newport to book their wedding at the Mansion House.

As the couple want to start making other arrangements, e.g. the reception, flowers, photographer etc, they opt to 'save the date'.

They pay the £37 'save the date' fee to give themselves peace of mind that, as long as their legal paperwork was in order and completed within the necessary timescale, their marriage would go ahead as planned on their chosen date.

6 months before the ceremony, Susan and John make an appointment to attend an interview at their local register office so that their legal paperwork can be raised.

This process is called 'entering legal notice' and secures their ceremony booking. The fee is £35 each and is paid at the time they make their appointment.

Six weeks before their wedding the final ceremony fee is due.

For this example we have assumed a Thursday ceremony has been booked and the couple have requested a marriage certificate to be issued as soon as possible after the ceremony. 

In this example costs would be:

  • £37 to 'save the date' (recommended)
  • £70 for a two legal notices of marriage
  • £384 Mansion House ceremony fee (Thursday, 2024)
  • £11 for a marriage certificate

£502 - the total cost of their 2024 ceremony at the Mansion House     

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