Citizenship ceremonies

When you apply to the Home Office for British citizenship and your application is processed and accepted, the Home Office will contact you via email or by post. 

The email will tell you which local authority you need to contact and will direct you to their website. 

If Newport is your local authority, you should contact us to discuss your ceremony options:

Group ceremonies

Held monthly on pre-arranged dates at The Mansion House, these are conducted by the Superintendent Registrar (or deputy).  

Individual ceremonies

Individual ceremonies are held at The Mansion House and are conducted by the Superintendent Registrar (or deputy) by appointment only.  

Please speak to us about maximum guest numbers upon booking.

Read details of the fee for this citizenship ceremony. 


On arrival you will be given a card with the words that you have to repeat during the ceremony.

After speeches of welcome, the Superintendent Registrar will invite you to swear or affirm the oath of allegiance to the Queen and make a pledge of loyalty to the United Kingdom using the words on the card given.

If you have chosen to swear the oath before God, you should bring your own holy book with you.

You will be asked to sign the Civic Record of your ceremony and will be presented with your Home Office Citizenship Certificate. The ceremony closes with the national anthem.

Guests are welcome to wear their national costume.

For further information contact Newport Register Office. 

Free online practice

Newport residents practicing for the Life in the UK or British citizenship test can take free practice tests online through Newport Libraries.

Library customers can call at any Newport library for free access to an online version of the latest official study materials plus hundreds of practice test questions in the same format as the official test.