New drivers

Download our leaflet, How to apply for a licence to be a private hire or hackney carriage driver (pdf)

We are now accepting applications for knowledge tests to take place in June 2023. Please Note: we do not accept multiple bookings, failure to comply will result in the fee being forfeited and the application rejected. 

Apply for a basic English and numeracy test

(You will need a valid credit or debit card)

You must provide a valid email address and check your junk mail settings. When we receive your application we will email you with details of where and when the test will take place. 

Please bring these items to the test: 

  1. A recent passport sized photograph
  2. DVLA driving licence
  3. Photographic identification if you have an old style driving licence, e.g. passport, valid residence permit 

If you don't bring these items you will not be allowed to sit the test and will be placed back on the waiting list, delaying the procedure for obtaining your licence. 

Before the test please make sure you read:  

The Guidance Notes for New Licensed Drivers give information about what to expect and what happens once you have taken the test. 

Immigration Status for non UK/Irish applicants

From 30 June 2021, the Licensing Department is now required to check the immigration status for EU, EEA and Swiss Residents. You can find out more on An applicant can view and prove their immigration status here.

Medical examination

  • New applicants must have a medical examination by a doctor (GP) they are registered with and has full access to all of the applicant’s medical history
  • Applicants must pass the Private Hire or Hackney Carriage Knowledge test before completing the medical form
  • Applicants should discuss any motoring or criminal convictions which may result in the licence being refused before completing the medical examination as Newport City Council will not refund any medical fee.
  • We do not accept D4Drivers medicals as they do not meet our policy which stipulates 'A medical examination by a General Practitioner with whom the applicant is registered and who has access to the driver’s medical records'.

Download the taxi driver medical report form (pdf) 

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