Street trading

If you sell or offer for sale any article in the street you may need a licence. 

All streets in the Newport city boundary are ‘consent streets’ and anyone who wants to sell items from a trailer or stall in a street must first obtain a street trading consent.

Street traders selling hot food after 11pm will also need a licence under the Licensing Act 2003. 

You do not need a street trading consent if you are:

  • trading as a pedlar under licence issued by a police authority

  • a market trader operating at a licensed market venue

  • a news vendor selling only newspapers and periodicals

Apply for a street trading consent 

Apply for renewal of street trading consent

Download the council's Street Trading Policy (pdf)

 Street trading fees 2023/24
Trader Initial fee Mobile trader     Static
Daily £0 £59.28 £59.28*
Weekly £0 £118.56 £118.56*
Monthly £64.89 £155.53 £328.64
Quarterly £196.56 £196.56 £460.72
Yearly £196.56 £394.16 £1052.48
City centre £196.56 N/A £3289.52 (full year)

*Please see Section 1, Sub-Section 6 of the Street Trading Policy (pdf), re: special events. 


Ask for the licensing team at Newport City Council or email [email protected]