Street Lighting

Report a faulty streetlight

Report a problem

Please provide as much information as possible and include:

  • the unique identification number on each unit, normally found on the lighting column shaft and starting 2 letters followed by several numbers.

  • location, e.g. outside number 26

  • street name or footpath

  • specific problem, e.g. lamp out, lamp dim, column leaning etc

Report a street light problem

Reported faulty street lights are repaired on average within five working days depending on the problem.

If the light is considered to be dangerous, the response will take place within two hours to make the unit safe.

If the fault is due to a network cable failure it will be passed to Western Power Distribution who will usually attend site within 30 days of receiving the fault ticket.

Part-night lighting scheme

All streetlights in the city, with the exception of lights in the city centre and those at locations such as major junctions or controlled pedestrian crossings, are now on a part-night lighting scheme, which sees them switched off between midnight and 6am.

Previously, the council had alternate lights on the part-night scheme to reduce carbon emissions and save money. This has now been extended to all streetlights, a move which will reduce our carbon emissions by 198.5 tonnes per year.

It represents a 5.2 per cent reduction in carbon emissions from the electricity that the council uses, and around a £200,000 per year saving on the cost of that electricity.

Lighting will remain on at key areas within the city centre throughout the night, and at locations such as:

  • major roundabouts
  • traffic signal junctions
  • traffic calmed areas
  • controlled pedestrian crossings (e.g. zebra and pelican crossings)
  • junctions on 40mph and 50mph roads

The move to extend the part-night scheme to all streetlights was made as part of the process of setting the council’s budget for 2023/24. It was consulted on as part of the budget consultation, where over 60 per cent of people who responded to the streetlight question supported the move.

There is no statutory requirement on local authorities in the UK to provide public lighting, nor is it provided by the council for the purposes of security lighting or lighting access or egress into properties.