Newport City Council prepares for potential flooding and a 24 hour response system is in place. 

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) will issue a warning if any parts of Newport are thought to be at risk of flooding.

Check current flood alerts from NRW

Download Who is responsible and who can help? (pdf)

Report flooding

Contact Newport City Council to report flooding caused by blocked surface water drains or gullies in parks and on adopted roads.   

If the problem relates to sewers or sewage (i.e. not a storm water drain) contact Welsh Water on 0800 085 3968

If the problem relates to rivers contact Natural Resources Wales on 0300 065 3000 (option 1)

If flooding occurs the council will:

  • liaise with the agencies and organisations concerned
  • activate a workforce to respond
  • in extreme circumstances we may provide sandbags if available
  • advise on issues relating to properties
  • offer temporary accommodation to residents affected by flooding and unable to remain in their property. It is worth checking your domestic property insurance policy as you may be allowed to seek alternative accommodation
  • offer advice on clean-up
  • help the community recover
  • issue information to assist in restoring affected properties
  • offer longer-term welfare support    

Read more about the council's preparations for flooding

Caerleon Road - high tides

To help prevent flooding at very high tides, a temporary flood defence barrier across Caerleon Road will be installed by Natural Resources Wales during the few hours around the peak tide times.

There will be road closures and traffic diversions when the barrier is in place, south of the junction between New Road and Caerleon Road. 

Download the Caerleon Road flooding traffic diversions plan (pdf)

Download the Caerleon Road briefing document (pdf)