Dropped Kerbs

A dropped kerb is installed on a pavement outside a property to allow vehicles to cross the pavement and park on the property.

The process involves the kerb stones being lowered, and the pavement strengthened and made into a ramp.

Step 1 - check before you apply...

1. Are you able to pay for the licence and construction costs? 

Newport City Council will carry out the works and the specification of the crossing costs are likely to be between £1,500 and £2,500.

The licence costs £100 which has to be paid on application.

Once payment for the application is received, a request is sent to the Highways Network Team to process.

You will receive notification from the team via email within 10 working days to inform you whether your application has been successful or not.

2. Planning permission 

Check to see if you will need planning permission

3. Space

You must have enough room to fit a standard vehicle without overhanging the footway, a minimum 5.5m length and 2.7m width is required. 

These are the measurements of the parking space required on your property. Once on the adopted highway, a transition kerb will be required either side of the dropped kerbs, so making a total minimum width of highway construction of 4.5 metres.

  • Any gates must open in towards the property
  • Extensions may be granted up to a maximum of 6.3m
  • Only one vehicle crossing is allowed per property

Dropped kerb dimensions_1


4. Siting

The proposed site must be 15m from a junction with an A, B or C road or 10m from a minor road. 

5. Visibility

Is there good visibility? Walls, hedges or other obstructions may mean that we are unable to approve the vehicle crossing.

6. Utility covers

You will need to contact the relevant water, gas or electricity company to arrange for the removal of any nearby utility covers and will usually have to pay the companiy to do this.

7. Trees

Any trees on the footpath or verge near the site may have to be moved at a cost of around £600.

If a tree is removed, you will have to pay for two new trees to be planted in an appropriate place.

8. Street furniture, e.g. road signs

Although road signs etc can be removed if necessary costs can be as high as £3,000. 

9. Parking bays, bus stops etc

If there are any parking restrictions on the site these may be amended but the process can cost £3,000.

Step 2 - request and pay

If you are satisfied you understand and can meet the points above, please complete this form to request and pay for a dropped kerb:

Request and pay for a dropped kerb

Newport City Council reserves the right to refuse any application for a vehicular crossing/access over a public highway.

Access may be required to a property from a road other than that which appears in the postal address, e.g., a corner plot.  You should clearly state the name of the road from which access is required.

There are no restrictions or covenants, and you will have checked these before applying.

You should contact your suppliers (gas, water, electric, phone, cable etc) for details of any services and/or apparatus that may be affected. Please ensure that all replies have been received before any work commences. We may require evidence of all replies before permission to commence may be given.

If you are a tenant you must obtain the agreement of the owner of the property, whether a housing association or a private landlord.

Any works on your own land to make provision for access and parking should be carried out prior to the installation of the dropped crossing.  You will need to contact the planning department to check whether planning permission is required for any work on the private land. Please ensure that you have contacted the planning department prior to your submission. All works required on the owner’s land must be undertaken to make levels match the abutting highway. The council will not undertake any work outside the limits of the public highway.