Listed buildings

Find information on listed buildings in Newport here.

Please ask us for advice before starting work

You must apply for and receive consent before a listed building is demolished, extended or altered in any way that affects its character, inside or out, including:

  • changing windows or doors
  • putting up satellite dishes and burglar alarms
  • altering internal walls or sub-dividing rooms
  • alterations to features like fireplaces and cornicing

Carrying out unauthorised work to a listed building is a criminal offence which can lead to a fine or prison sentence and you may have to revert the building to how it was.

Visit Cadw for guidance for guidance including:

  • Heritage Impact Assessments (HIA) guidance sets out the general principles to consider when creating your HIA for submission with your for Listed Building and/or Conservation Area Consents
  • Historic Environment Records (HER) provides detailed information about the historic environment, which have been maintained and updated for public benefit. This guidance explains how the HER should be used and may be of relevance to individuals and other public bodies.
  • Managing change to listed buildings sets out the general principles to consider when making changes to or applying for Listed Building consent.
  • Managing changes to registered historic parks and gardens sets out the general principles to follow when considering changes to and sets out the roles of responsible owners of registered historic parks and gardens.
  • Managing conservation areas sets out the policy context and duties of local authorities in designating and managing conservation areas. 
  • Managing historic character explains why it is important to recognise historic character and use it for planning work to help create and sustain a distinctive place for the future.
  • Managing listed buildings at risk explains why these buildings are important and outlines the critical management of the relationships between a buildings use, ownership and condition to ensure a sustainable future.

Please contact our conservation team for advice before starting work.

Apply for listed building consent

View Cadw's listed building consent guidance

The majority of final decisions rest with Cadw and a decision will be reached about eight weeks after receipt of an application.

If consent is refused you have six months to make an appeal.

Listing requests

Cadw has produced guidance on listing requests which sets out the purpose and benefit of listing, the legislative background, the listing criteria, how to make a listing request, supporting evidence and what happens next.

Listed buildings at risk

The council lists buildings at risk through neglect and decay.

View the Register of buildings at risk (2009) (pdf). 

Expressions of interest are invited for the listed building at risk at 11 Kensington Grove


Email [email protected] or contact Newport City Council and ask for the conservation officer.