Our Equalities Vision & Priorities

We are a council which is proud of our diverse and rich cultural heritage. Our communities are multi-lingual and multi-cultural, with minority ethnic communities making up over 40 per cent of some of our ward populations.

We are passionate about equality, committed to improving our staff diversity, and supporting an inclusive culture which allows everyone to bring their authentic selves to work. Read more about our commitments to equality

The council has committed to becoming an anti-racist organisation. Read more about the pledge we have made, and what it means for our workforce. 

We particularly welcome applications from Welsh speakers, disabled people, people who identify as LGBTQ+ and people from a minority ethnic background, as part of our commitment to address under-representation across all levels of the organisation.

Supporting a diverse workforce

To help us foster an inclusive culture, we have a range of staff support networks which provide a safe space for colleagues to share experiences, receive and offer peer support, and help shape our workplace policies:

  • Newport Diversity Staff Network – for colleagues from a Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic background
  • Newport IN-NCC Staff Network – for disabled colleagues
  • Newport Pride Network – for colleagues who identify as LGBTQ+

Charles Nyamhotsi, Chair of the Diversity Staff Network, offers his insight into the work of the network:

“The Newport City Council Diversity Staff Network works by bringing together staff from different racial, cultural and belief backgrounds to join together with NCC to celebrate, value and promote diversity, provide a safe work environment, support campaigns and social events that affect their identity.

Charles Nyamhotsi, Chair of the Diversity Staff Network

The functions of our network include but are not limited to;

  • Tackle and end racism in the workplace under the Equality Duty legislation.
  • Create a workplace culture that is inclusive, anti-racist, promotes racial equality and retains diverse staff
  • Promotion of a more diverse senior management team
  • Hosting an awareness workshop on Unconscious Bias to diverse staff and leadership with wider rollout planned
  • Reviewed the Bullying Policy, changing it to Dignity in the Workplace
  • Improving workforce representation and also supported BLM (Black Lives Matter) and Black History 365 messaging
  • Helping NCC better understand experiences/understanding of discrimination/bias
  • Produced the Anti-Racist document to encourage all staff members to become actively anti-racist and think as individuals how they can bring about authentic, genuine and real change to racism.

The Diversity Staff Network looks forward to working with all Heads of Service in promoting the interests of its members; ensure sufficient support is available when needed, to ensure social events are diverse and accommodating, ensuring that representation is equal and fair for all staff.

The network would like to see effective channels of communication between leaders and diverse staff, seeing words translated into action and visible results that benefit our members.” 

Our Pride Staff network

Our Pride Staff Network was established early in 2021 and consists of members of staff who are LGBTQ+ and also welcomes those who are questioning their sexuality. We have regular staff meetings, as well as events and socials where we meet up outside of work too. It is a safe space where we listen, support and encourage each other to be our authentic selves.

We work with a range of departments in the council and contribute to many projects:

  • Policy review
  • Internal communications and awareness
  • Workplace culture survey review
  • Linking with other staff networks to share best practice
  • Attend quarterly Strategic Equality Group meetings and platform underrepresented voices
  • Leading local external events

We hope to work more closely with the senior leadership team and new Heads of Service, in ensuring Newport City Council is a place where individuals are valued, respected and everyone under the LGBTQ+ umbrella is welcomed and included fairly.

Our Welsh language commitment

Newport City Council is committed to working with partners and stakeholders to increase the number of Welsh speakers in Newport in line with Welsh Government’s vision laid out in Cymraeg 2050: A million Welsh speakers.

We want the people of Newport to use, see and hear Welsh as a living community language in all parts of life. We are working to develop our city into one which is aware of its culture and history and the part that Welsh language plays in this. We want a Newport where people can live, work and play, as well as access services and support in Welsh or English equally. A city where bilingualism is completely natural, and where the Welsh language is protected and nurtured for future generations to use and enjoy.