Welsh Language

Newport City Council aims to be an organisation that values and supports the use of the Welsh language among its staff.  To do this, we must create an environment and culture where both languages are viewed equally, and staff feel empowered to use and develop their Welsh language skills. We offer Welsh Language Awareness training and the opportunity to learn and develop Welsh language skills at different levels.

We want to lead our city by example and encourage the use of Welsh, increasing opportunities to see, hear and use the Welsh language.  This will, in turn, improve the external visibility and profile of Welsh language across the city.

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Staff are asked to ensure the following are delivered in Welsh as well as English:

  • Email signature
  • Signs (including office signs)
  • Answering the telephone

The council’s Welsh Language Skills Policy sets out a cohesive approach to the recruitment, training and development of Welsh learners and speakers across the council. It will help to ensure the growth of the Welsh language within the workplace. This policy is reviewed annually and revised in line with any changes in workforce patterns, gaps or successes.

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For more information contact the Welsh Language & Equality Team at [email protected]