Children & Family Services


A welcome message from Sally Jenkins, Strategic Director: Social Services

Whether you’re starting out or looking to develop your social work career, choosing a new employer can be an exciting yet daunting time.

At Newport City Council’s Children and Family Services we feel it is important to equip you with meaningful information to support this decision and to fully welcome you to our teams.

Read on to learn more about Newport as an authority, the different types of work our teams deliver and to hear from our staff directly about what it’s like to work within Children and Family Services.

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Innovative social work practice

This is an exciting time in Newport, not only in respect of the city itself which is undergoing a multi-million pound regeneration project, but also in respect of our innovative social work practice.

Children and Family Services is made up of a number of different teams covering the whole provision of need with families, yet we foster a ‘one service’ approach to best meet those needs.

Our aim is to further quality social work practice by utilising multi-agency working, preventative and early intervention whilst ensuring robust and effective safeguarding practice.

This balance between early intervention and operational social work means that there is a seamless delivery of service throughout the authority which ensures that our practice is always child focused.

We recognise that the nature of children’s social work is challenging but working with us you will find support across the whole staff group delivering a caring, nurturing and listening environment which enhances the professional strengths within our teams.

To us, our workforce and their skills are our most important resource in enabling us to deliver the best possible outcomes with children and families within their communities, whilst also recognising the imperative of offering the best possible support to those in our care.

We are excited about the transformations and opportunities taking place in Newport and Children and Family Services and we hope to share this excitement with you.

Sally Jenkins, Strategic Director: Social Services