Fake Free Newport

The sale of counterfeit goods and services costs the UK economy millions of pounds each year and puts the jobs and livelihoods of workers and business owners at risk.

Make a stand against counterfeit goods with Fake Free Newport

Newport City Council takes it's responsibility in enforcing the laws around counterfeit and fake goods seriously and will investigate and prosecute individuals and traders breaking the law. 

The council's Fake Free Newport campaign seeks to work in partnership with good, honest businesses that have invested in the city so that together we make a stand against the sale of counterfeit goods. 

Local businesses and those thinking of investing in Newport are assured that anyone selling fake and unsafe goods will be dealt with by the council's trading standards team. 

Newport consumers and shoppers can be confident that trading standards will actively safeguarding their interests from the dangers of buying fakes. 

Fake Free Newport aims to sign-up the city's legitimate traders of branded goods to a commitment to supporting the fight against fake and unsafe goods.

The campaign also encourages residents and businesses to report anyone they think is breaking the law.

Partners will be asked to put their name to Fake Free Newport to show that they back the message. 

If you notice anyone committing this type of crime call the Rogue Trading Hotline (01633) 235233 or report online


Email [email protected] or contact Newport City Council and ask for trading standards.