COVID-19: outbreak control and prevention

On 10 August 2020 local authorities in Wales were granted powers under the Health Protection (Coronavirus Restrictions) (No. 2) (Wales) (Amendment) (No. 4) Regulations 2020 to control, minimise and prevent the risk of exposure to COVID-19.

The council has a duty to act to ensure the public are protected when made aware of a business or premises are not adhering to COVID-19 regulations.

Improvement / closure notices

The following notices have been served under the Health Protection (Coronavirus Restrictions) (Wales) Regulations 2020 as amended, and are published here in accordance with schedule 5.

Name of premises Notices  Date of notice withdrawn 

A Smart Barber Shop, 168 Commercial Road, Newport NP20 2PL

A Smart Barber Shop notice (pdf)


A.J.S Store, 199 Cardiff Road, Newport, NP20 3BP

A.J.S Store notice (pdf)


Amy's Fur Babies, 119 Duckpool Road, Newport, NP19 8FL 

Amy's Fur Babies notice (pdf)


Asia Halal Foodstore, 49 Commercial Road, Newport, NP20 2PE

Asia Halal Foodstore notice (pdf)


Baltika Supermarket, 33AB Commercial Road, Newport, NP20 2PB

Baltika Supermarket notice (pdf)  02/02/2021

Baneswell Express, 8 Baneswell Road, Newport, NP20 4BT

Baneswell Express notice (pdf)  02/02/2021

Beechwood Cafe, Beechwood Park NP19 8AJ

Beechwood Cafe notice (pdf)


BBS Barbers, 444 Chepstow Road, Newport, NP19 7FF

BBS Barbers notice (pdf)


Boots UK Ltd, Unit 1A Newport Retail Park, Spytty Road, Newport, NP19 4QQ

Boots notice (pdf)


Breeze, 11-15 Cambrian Road, Newport, NP20 4AD

Breeze notice (pdf)


Bull Inn (car park/marquee), High Street, Caerleon NP18 1AE

Bull Inn closure notice (pdf)


Caerleon AFC, Cold Bath Road,  Caerleon NP18 1NF

Caerleon AFC notice (pdf)

Closure notice (pdf)


Cafe at Ridgeway, Allt Yr Yn View, Ridgeway, Newport, NP20 5DE

Cafe at Ridgeway notice (pdf)


Cafe Nero, Unit 19B, Newport Retail Park, Newport, NP29 4PQ

Cafe Nero notice (pdf)  23/11/2020

Candyland, 147 Commercial Road, Newport, NP20 2PJ

Candyland notice (pdf)  02/02/2021

Clare Foodstores, 143-144 Commercial Road, Newport, NP20 2PJ

Clare Foodstores notice (pdf)  02/02/2021

Crazy Diamond, 11C High Street, Newport NP20 4AU

Crazy Diamond notice (pdf)


Cross Keys, 9 Market Street, Newport, South Wales

Cross Keys notice (pdf)  

Dee Dee's Cafe, The Range, Unit 1B 28 East Retail Park, Docks Way, Newport, NP20 2NW 

Dee Dee's Cafe notice (pdf)  11/11/2020

Duffryn Arms, Duffryn Drive, Newport NP10 8TE

Duffryn Arms notice (pdf)  02/10/2020

Fahad's Barbers, 3 Livingstone Place Newport NP19 8EY

Fahad's Barbers (Pdf)


Fallows, 1 Fallowfield Drive, Newport NP19 4TD

Fallows notice (pdf)


Friendly Fox, 33 Caerphilly Close, Rhiwderin, Newport, NP10 8RF

Friendly Fox notice (pdf)


George Hotel, 14 Commercial Road, Newport NP20 2PA 

 Closure notice  Notice withdrawn 4pm  9/10/ 2020  

Gilligans, 2 Commercial Road,  Newport NP20 2PA

Gilligans notice (pdf)  02/10/2020

Hair Studio, 159 Commercial Road, Newport.

Hair Studio notice (pdf)  27/11/2020

JD Sports, Friars Walk, Newport, NP20 1DR

JD Sports notice (pdf)  

LIDL, Granville Street, Newport NP20 2AE

LIDL Granville St notice (pdf)

LIDL, Newport West Retail Park, Newport NP20 2NZ LIDL Newport West notice (pdf)  02/10/2020
Maesglas Working Mans Club, Maesglas Avenue, Newport NP20 3BT  Maesglas WMC notice (pdf)  04/11/2020
Man of Gwent, Chepstow Road, Newport

NP19 9EZ

Man of Gwent notice (pdf)  02/10/2020
Minstrels, 1A Station Road, Caerleon, Newport,NP18 1NH Minstrels (pdf)  10/10/2020

Muffin Break, 17 Friars Walk Shopping centre, Newport, NP20 1DR

Muffin Break notice (pdf)  23/11/2020

Neon, Clarence Place, Newport, NP19 7AB

Neon closure notice (pdf)  

Newport Hand Car Wash, Somerton Park Garage, Cromwell Road, NP19 0HT

Newport Hand Car Wash (pdf)  

Neyaz Crib, 155 Chepstow Road, Newport, NP19 8GE 

Neyaz Crib notice (pdf)  18/12/2020
Ozzy's Barbers, 170 Chepstow Road, Newport NP19 8EG  Ozzy's Barbers notice (pdf)  11/11/2020
Picton, 14 Commercial Road,Newport, NP20 2PA Picton (pdf)  
Pill Barber Shop, 148 Commercial Road, Newport, NP20 2PJ Pill Barber Shop notice (pdf)  08/04/2021

Pill Mini Market, 46 Commercial Road, Newport, NP20 2PE

Pill Mini Market notice (pdf)  26/01/2021
Poundland, 158 Commercial Street, Newport, NP20 1LN Poundland notice (pdf)  05/11/2020
Red Lion Hotel, 47 Stow Hill, Newport

NP20 1JH

Red Lion notice (pdf)  01/10/2020

Royal Albert Inn, 1-3 Albert Avenue, Newport, NP19 8FF

Royal Albert Inn notice (pdf)


Seawall Tea Rooms, Seawall Bungalow, Clifton Common, Goldcliff, Newport, NP18 2PH

Seawall Tea Rooms notice (pdf)


Shawarma City, 80-81 Commercial Road, Newport, NP20 2PG

Shawarma City notice (pdf)


Slipping Jimmy's Bar and Grill, 51-52 High Street, Newport, NP20 1GA

Slipping Jimmy's Bar and Grill notice (pdf)


Star Barber, 51 Commercial Road, Newport NP20 2PE 

Star Barber notice (pdf)


Tawa Indian Restaurant, 7 Styles Avenue, Newport, NP19 4QR

Tawa Indian Restaurant notice (pdf)


Tiny Rebel Brewery, 22 - 23 High Street, Newport NP20 1FX

Tiny Rebel High Street notice (pdf)  11/11/2020

The Crown, 8 Crown Street, Newport, NP19 8FU

Closure notice (pdf)  

Transporter Cafe, Unit 2, Latches Wharf, Mill Parade, Newport NP20 2JR

Transporter Cafe notice (pdf)  25/03/2021

Upper Cuts Barber Shop, 32 Cardiff Road, Newport NP20 2ED 

Closure notice (pdf)  08/04/2021