Food complaints

Newport City Council is responsible for making sure that food sold in Newport is safe to eat.

Any premises which stores, prepares, produces, cooks or sells food has to comply with food safety law​​​​​​. 

If you are not happy with any item of food or drink that you have bought  you should first contact the shop, manufacturer or supplier where you bought the goods.

The council's food safety team deals only with food issues that pose a risk to public health, for example:

  • food unfit for consumption, e.g. decomposing meat

  • food that is contaminated, e.g. heavy mould growth on cheese

  • an item found within the food that shouldn’t be there

When making a food complaint DO...

  • Make sure you’ve read the label and know the best before / use by dates and instructions for use

  • Keep receipts

  • Keep the food wrapper or container

  • Keep food in the fridge or freezer, especially if your complaint relates to decomposition or off smells and tastes

  • Make sure there is enough food left for sampling so that tests can be carried out if necessary

When making a food complaint DO NOT...

  • Remove any item found in the food, leave it in place
  • Put the item in your mouth or lick any of the food near it as this could affect any tests that may be needed
  • Allow the food to decompose any further, keep it in the fridge or freezer
  • Throw away any of the food

Food business complaints

If you have concerns about food handling practices or standards of cleanliness at a food business in Newport you should email [email protected] or contact the environmental health food safety team at Newport City Council with details.