Food hygiene ratings

The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS) gives information about the hygiene standards at a food premises at the time they are inspected.

Scores awarded are published on the Food Standards Agency food ratings site.

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How the rating is calculated

After inspection by a food safety officer, a rating is given to each business based on how well the business is meeting the requirements of food hygiene law at that time.

The assessment is based on a consideration of:  

  • how hygienically the food is handled - safe food preparation, cooking, re-heating, cooling and storage
  • the condition of the structure of the premises - cleanliness, repair, layout, lighting, ventilation and other facilities
  • how the business is managed to make sure food is safe so that the officer can be confident that standards will be maintained in the future 

The rating is about the hygiene standards of the food business, not about the quality of the food or about the standards of service provided to customers.  

Businesses are given a sticker showing their rating and have to display it in a prominent place such as the front door or window, at all customer entrances and tell people their rating if asked. 

Appeals and right to reply 

To ensure that the FHRS is fair to businesses, there is an appeal procedure, a right to reply and an opportunity to request a re-visit when improvements have been made.

Right to reply

A right to reply gives food business owners an opportunity to explain what measures they have taken to address any food safety issues found during an inspection.

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Right of appeal

A business can appeal if it feels the food hygiene rating score is unjust or does not accurately reflect the conditions found at the time of the inspection.  

Appeals must be made within 21 days of receiving the notification of the rating, including weekend and bank holidays.

Download an appeal form (Word)

Appeals will be considered by a food hygiene enforcement officer who has not been involved in the assessment of the rating that is being appealed.

Businesses will be notified of the result within 21 days of the appeal being received and then the rating will be published online and the food hygiene rating sticker issued will have to be displayed.

Request a food hygiene re-rating

A business can apply to have their hygiene rating re-assessed at a cost of £180 which must be paid before the inspection is carried out.

Please note, before a re-rating visit takes place you must:

  • be correctly displaying the current food hygiene rating sticker
  • have made a valid application
  • have made the payment

If, for example, a valid and current rating sticker is not displayed during a re-rating visit, the officer will not proceed and no refund will be issued.

You may also face more formal action for failing to display a current and valid rating sticker.

Apply online

Complete the re-rating request form below, submitting any documents and images you wish to support your request.

The process is completed when the payment of £180 is made online at the end of the form.

Once submitted, the completed form will be considered by the environmental health team and a re-rating inspection inspection will take place within three months of the date of payment.

Request a food hygiene re-rating online

Apply by email or post

A food hygiene re-rating may be requested by email or post.

Download and complete a food hygiene re-rating request form (Word) and email it to [email protected] or post to:

Newport City Council, Food Safety Team, Civic Centre, Newport NP20 4UR

Once received we will send you an invoice which can be paid by phone.

An application for re-rating is only valid once payment has been made and an inspection will take place within three months of payment.


Please email [email protected] or contact the environmental health food safety team at Newport City Council with any questions.