Boundary Commission Report - Newport

Local Democracy and Boundary Commission for Wales

Local Government (Democracy) (Wales) Act 2013

Review of Electoral Arrangements for the City and County Borough of Newport

Some of Newport City Council’s ward boundaries will change after the Welsh Government decided to accept the recommendations of the Local Democracy and Boundary Commission for Wales. 

It means that Newport’s number of councillors will increase by one, taking the council from 50 to 51 members – an average of 2.156 electors per member. 

The number of wards will also be increased from 20 to 21, with 18 wards electing more than one councillor. 

Eleven of the current wards will remain the same. 

The changes, which come into force for the next council elections in May 2022, include:

  •  A new Rogerstone West ward to include Afon Village with two members

  • Rogerstone East with one member

  • Rogerstone North with one member

  • Tredegar Park and Marshfield ward covering Coedkernew, Tredegar Park, Wentlooge, Marshfield and Michaelstone-y-Fedw with three members

  • Stow Hill ward will now include the Mon Bank development

  • Communities of Bishton, Langstone, Llanvaches and Penhow will combine to form the Bishton and Langstone Ward with two members

  • Goldcliff, Llanwern, Nash and Redwick will form the Llanwern ward with one member

Further information

 The report has been published and copies, together with a map, are on deposit at the offices of City and County Borough of Newport Council and at the offices of the Commission and will be available for inspection until the expiration of six months after the making of any order giving effect to the proposals.

Copies are available for inspection at the Civic Centre, Newport, strictly by appointment. Emaill [email protected] 

Copies of the report were placed in each public library in the City and County Borough of Newport and a limited number will be available on request from the Secretary of the Commission at Hastings House, FitzalanCourt, Cardiff, CF24 OBL.