Boundary Commission Report - Newport

Local Democracy and Boundary Commission for Wales

Local Government (Democracy) (Wales) Act 2013

Review of Electoral Arrangements for the City and County Borough of Newport

On 13 August 2020 the Local Democracy and Boundary Commission for Wales have submitted to the Welsh Government a report containing their Final Proposals in respect of the review of the electoral arrangements for the City and County Borough of Newport.

On receipt of the report the Welsh Government may, if it thinks fit, make an order giving effect to any proposals made to it by the Commission either as submitted or with modifications.

Any order giving effect to such proposals shall not be made until after the expiry of six weeks from the day on which proposals were submitted to the Welsh Government.

The report has been published and copies, together with a map, are on deposit at the offices of City and County Borough of Newport Council and at the offices of the Commission and will be available for inspection until the expiration of six months after the making of any order giving effect to the proposals, or after notification by the Welsh Government that it does not propose to give effect to the proposals.

Arrangements are being made to place copies of the report in each public library in the City and County Borough of Newport and a limited number will be available on request from the Secretary of the Commission at Hastings House, FitzalanCourt, Cardiff, CF24 OBL.

Any further representations concerning the matters in this report should be submitted as soon as possible, and in any event not later than six weeks after13 August 2020 to the Local Government Democracy Team, Democracy, Diversity and Remuneration Division, Welsh Government, Cathays Park, Cardiff, CF10 3NQ or

Shereen Williams, Chief Executive.


Copies are available for inspection at the Civic Centre, Newport, strictly by appointment.

Please email to make an appointment.