Annual canvass

Each summer, the council has to obtain the name and address of every person who is eligible to be on the register of electors – the list of those who can vote at elections and referendums.

In Wales, young people can register from the age of 14 and vote in some elections at 16. Foreign nationals are also able to vote in Welsh elections.

The canvass in Newport will start in July and continue during August. People who have chosen to have communications via email will receive a notification in August.

Check your letters carefully as you must respond if required.

Information on how to respond to the canvass will be contained in your email or letter.

This can be done online, by text, over the telephone or by returning the form.

In order to know who is eligible to register to vote, we need to know who lives at your address. The purpose of this form is to collect this information. Although this form is not a registration form, the information you provide will enable us to send a separate registration form to all the people in your household who are eligible and need to register.

Why you must respond if required:

It is compulsory – failure could lead to a court appearance, a fine of up to £1,000 and a criminal record.

  • Only those on the register are allowed to vote and help decide who represents them, their local area or who forms the next council or government.
  • The register is supplied to credit reference agencies, so non-registration may affect your ability to open a bank account, take out a mortgage, or buy things on credit.
  • Juries are summoned using the electoral register.