Resident parking areas

Resident parking schemes aim to resolve parking problems caused by non-residential parking during the day.

The schemes are not intended to solve problems caused by residents having more than one car on limited road space. 

If a scheme is introduced, resident parking permits must be paid for and displayed by participating residents.

To be considered for a resident parking scheme, streets must be mainly residential with no off-street parking available for the majority of residents.

Before making an application, please consider whether parking issues are temporary and therefore do not require a new resident parking scheme, e.g. do parking problems occur only at school drop off / pick up times, when deliveries are made, or when popping to the shops.

When making an application you will be asked to:

  • confirm that the area is mainly residential with no off-street parking
  • provide supporting information (i.e. signed petition) to show that more than 50% of households in the area agree to the scheme in principle - the application will not be considered without this 

We will assess your application to confirm that the area is mainly residential (at least 50%) and will consider the impact of any nearby businesses and the availability of off-street parking, e.g. driveways, garages, forecourts etc.

We will tell you if your application is approved. 

New resident parking schemes require a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO), which legally changes the use of the highway, to restrict parking to residents displaying a valid permit between certain hours. 

The process to make a new TRO is lengthy and can take 6 to 12 months to complete. 

There is no budget available for new resident parking schemes at the moment, requests will be added to a waiting list for future consideration.  

Apply for a resident parking scheme