Parking fines

Newport City Council is responsible for issuing and managing fines for most parking offences in Newport.  

Read about civil parking enforcement in Newport

How much is a parking fine?

Parking fines (or penalty charge notices) are either:

  • £70, reduced to £35 if paid within 14 days, or
  • £50 for lesser parking offences, reduced to £25 if paid within 14 days 

Legislation requires that money from parking fines is used to cover the cost of operating the civil parking enforcement service, with any surplus invested in traffic improvement projects.

Please do not ignore a penalty charge notice as the charge will increase if it is not paid or if a challenge is not made.

Any further delay may lead to action by enforcement agents (bailiffs), with their costs added to the civil debt.

The link below takes you to the South Wales Parking Group that processes penalty charge notices on behalf of the council - this is highlighted on your notice.

Pay a parking fine  

You can also pay by post using the envelope provided with the parking notice, or by telephone on 033 33 200 867.

Appeals process

The appeals and challenge processes are written on the reverse of the tickets and you have 28 days in total to appeal a parking fine from the date the notice was issued.

If you wish to challenge a parking fine, follow the instructions on the reverse of the notice and submit a written challenge within 14 days of issue to the South Wales Parking Group using the link below.

If your challenge is rejected, the discounted rate will be restarted for a further 14 days.

If you appeal after 14 days and your challenge is rejected, the full charge will be payable. 

Appeal a parking fine online

All other parking fines relating to the highway are dealt with by Heddlu Gwent Police