Cemetery access over Christmas

St Woolos and Christchurch cemeteries

Pedestrian access seven days a week.

Vehicle access available:

Friday 24 December – after working hours
Saturday 25 December to Tuesday 28 December
Saturday 1 January to Monday 3 January

Vehicle access not available:
Wednesday 29 December to Friday 31 December

Llanmartin cemetery

Pedestrian access seven days a week (pedestrian gates are not locked).

Caerleon cemetery

Pedestrian and vehicle access gates open seven days a week. 

Waste and recycling collections

As both Christmas day and New Year’s Day fall on a Saturday this year, all council and Wastesavers collection days will remain unchanged.

Check your collection day.

Recycling at Christmas

Christmas always generates a lot of waste that can be recycled - from cardboard packaging and wrapping paper to food leftovers.

Here are a few hints on how to recycle these at home:

  • Use the scrunch test

Not sure if a piece of paper can be recycled? Try scrunching it up in your hand. If it doesn’t spring back, then it can be recycled. It’s a good test to use with wrapping paper. And if you’re recycling birthday or Christmas cards, tear off any glittery bits first.

  • Cut up your cardboard

Cut up your cardboard so that it fits in the green box and/or bag. Wastesavers also accept a small amount put to the side of the box if, when folded, it’s the same size as the green box. Larger amounts can be taken to the Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) for recycling.

  • Love food, hate waste

Did you know that one banana peel creates enough energy to power two smartphones? When clearing the dishes after eating, please put the food waste in the recycling caddy instead of the bin.

  • Recycle unwanted electrical items

If they are not broken, why not give them a new lease of life for someone else to enjoy?  You can take them to the Tip Shop at the HWRC, or pop along to Wastesavers’ new shop on Chepstow Road, Maindee. 

Any small broken items can be taken to the HWRC for recycling or placed in the blue box for collection. For more information on how to recycle unwanted electricals visit

Real Christmas trees

Real Christmas trees can be recycled at the HWRC – book a slot.
Alternatively, you can cut your tree up and store in your garden waste bin until collections resume in the spring.