St Woolos Cathedral

St Woolos Cathedral 2017

Newport Cathedral: Woolos, King and Confessor, St Woolos Cathedral has been a site of worship since the early 6th century.

According to legend, the soldier-prince Gwynllyw was converted to Christianity when he was told in a dream to search for a white ox with a black spot on its forehead and, when he found it, to build a church as an act of penitence.

Gwynllyw’s church, founded on Stow Hill, was almost certainly made of mud and wattle and has therefore been lost.  

The modern church dates back to the Norman period including the arched entrance and nave, constructed 1140-1160.

The present building consists of a 12th century Norman church enclosed within a later mediaeval structure, restored in Victorian times and with a recent east end extension.  

In 1921 the diocese of Monmouth was created and the church was designated a cathedral and the east end was enlarged in 1960.  

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Cathedral choir

Newport Cathedral has a fine choral tradition with four or five choral services held each week during term time.

The choir sings a wide range of music from the 16th to the 21st century including pieces written by contemporary composers of church music and talented local musicians.

There is also a training choir of younger boys.

The cathedral choir sings in venues including cathedrals in Gloucester, Winchester and Chichester as well as York Minster and has a close link with Westminster Abbey. 


Newport Cathedral: Woolos, King and Confessor, Stow Hill, Newport NP20 4EA

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