Climate change progress noted in first annual report

Posted on Friday 14th October 2022

Newport City Council has made positive progress towards its aim of becoming a carbon neutral organisation by 2030.

The progress is noted in an introductory annual report on the council’s organisational climate change plan, which was approved this week by the council’s cabinet.

Progress which has been highlighted includes an increase in the number of council buildings now using renewable heating rather than gas, further electrification of the council fleet, and the development of a local area energy plan to help shape how we meet the city’s future energy needs in a greener, more sustainable way.

This introductory annual report covers the twelve-month period from April 2021 to March 2022, before our new five-year plan came into effect in April 2022. It sets out some of the good work that we did as a council during that period, measuring it against the key delivery themes and priorities set out in the plan.

Other highlights include:

  • Changing the way we manage our green spaces and grasslands to benefit nature
  • Enhancing the biodiversity of the city centre through increased planting and new rainwater gardens
  • Working to embed climate change into our new corporate plan, so that it is at the heart of what we do as a council.

Councillor Jane Mudd, leader of the council, said: “we’re delighted to be able to present our introductory annual report on our organisation climate change plan.

“As a major public body, we recognise that we have a duty to reduce our carbon footprint. This is why we declared a climate and ecological emergency last year, and why we developed our plan.

“I’m pleased with the progress we have made to date, and this report shows that we take our responsibility to our residents, and our communities, seriously.”

Councillor Yvonne Forsey, cabinet member for climate change and biodiversity, added: “we know we have a long way to go to become carbon neutral, but we are pleased with the progress we have made so far, and are excited for the journey to come.

“We hope this report showcases that, and inspires our residents to take whatever action they can in the battle against climate change.”

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